Other Services

shutterstock_62287657-02Other services and solutions offered

  • Telephony and Contact Center Consultancy & Systems
  • Design
  • Telephony and Contact Center Systems Installation
  • Contact Center Applications Integration
  • IP Telephony Applications Development
  • Contact Center Agent Training
  • Contact Center Gap Analysis
  • Contact Center and IP Telephony Migration
  • Video Conference
  • Wallboard – DEMI Wallboard

DEMI (Digital Enhance Monitoring Information) Wallboard is developed and owned by Mandiri Solution Sdn Bhd. This is a visual communication tool used to display real time information related to contact center performance.  The data displays are for the user to monitor overall effectively to see what is going on when it comes to day to day operations and if they are in line with daily targets. It makes it easy to work on the performance aspect of the agents by giving out performance-related data, thereby helping in enhancing the productivity on their part and in turn for the organization as well.

DEMI Wallboard is a visual Communication tools that make busy times easier by providing timely and useful information about your call status and agent status allowing supervisors to act upon live statistics making fast accurate and informed decisions. You can have several wallboards page to deployed throughout your organisation providing up to the second status information driving and maintaining efficiency and boosting team morale. Information can be fully customised to display single and multi-data information, which can be displayed on; any networked PC monitor / LCD / Plasma display.